Cybersecurity for everyone!

Cybersecurity awareness has become an absolute necessity for individuals and businesses. Yet, quality content remains out of reach for most. We have decided to produce quality training and to offer it for free.

Cybersecurity simplified
Cybersecurity simplified

Our grand mission!

Our mission is to educate as many people as possible about the essential concepts of cybersecurity so individuals and businesses can better protect themselves against all forms of cybercrime.

Cyber101 was born thanks to two entrepreneurs

Who are we?

Cyber101 was born thanks to two entrepreneurs from Montreal (Canada) who combined their expertise in cybersecurity and video production.

Is it really free?

Is it really free?

Absolutely, the complete training is made available free of charge. We strongly believe that this information must be made available to the greatest number of people to reduce incidences of cybercrime.

In the future, we also plan on developing a more advanced offer for businesses which will include additional functionality.

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